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Since people have been requesting it a lot here’s another Frozen sketchdump (+ Jack Frost)! (First one can be found here.) I’ve already uploaded some previews on my twitter~

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Genderbent Frozen characters I drew just for fun!
I know it has already been done but it was fun~

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a friendly artist tip: once you have no a clearest idea what to draw, genderbend some of your otps, it’s always so much funnnn, at least for me

anyway, for some reason while drawing girl!Ed I kind of came up with this headcanon in which she’s quite \flat\ and it’s her insecurity. (all because I wasn’t entirely sure the girl would be that mad about someone calling her a shortie and therefore why not let the girl have small breasts eheh)

And as for dude!Winry I wasn’t really sure what is the way he’d be mad *like girl!Winry going completely crazy because of broken auto-mail and punching Ed with all the possible stuff*, therefore I thought guy!Winry would be that guy who gets sort of super calm but still terrifying haha

I dunno

I am not even sure anymore what do I ship more the original or this help

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I was animating my final project, and then I got sidetracked and keyframed some hand-smooching (Tier 1.5)

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so i got really bored and with my art block i decided to make some rule 63 edits to some official PSG pics

They are Jacket and Necktie yep

these were fun and it made good practice i think i’ll start using cell shading more


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Genderbent Disney princesses, the Little Merman Ari


Genderbent Disney princesses, the Little Merman Ari

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By pumpkin

If Yuno was a guy…



/brain shuts down

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my fanart tags aren’t complete without genderswaps and/or lesbians.

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Male Belarus from Hetalia. Some genderbends should be fine on this blog too, right?

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